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Yael Keila Sagi, fashion designer
"Create like a god,
command like a king,
work like a slave."
Constantin Brancusi

'Yael Keila Sagi' is a Slow Fashion brand since 2012. Yael is a fashion graduate from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, class of 2010. After working in the industry for a few years as a fashion designer, she realized that she is ready for a new adventure and found herself developing a handmade statement jewelry collection.

Yael was drawn to handcrafted, raw materials and believed that a great design can be made out of anything, even the simplest unexpected material. Her jewels reflected tension between the earthy crafted world and a more modern, minimal & industrial one. The debate between these parallel worlds collided into a unique, high-fashion, statement jewelry; dramatic pieces with a presence that cannot be ignored. 

Five collections later, she decided to step up her game and fulfill a greater aspiration - one that will give her costumers a full fashion experience with conceptual links between clothes and jewelry.

Each collection is a whole new chapter in her story, a journey of different materials, shapes and whispered secrets. 

Yael's fresh approach to fashion along with her passionate nature & curiosity for the classical crafting world, becomes a party of demure yet wild contemporary pieces which portray, subtle sophistication and elegance.

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